How To Save Blink Camera Recordings

**Update** June 2020 In May 2020, the Blink Team sent an email indicating that the scripts leveraged in this blog post/GitHub are using an outdated method for authentication. I have confirmed that the as-implemented method is no longer functional. If time permits or demand is high enough, I will work on incorporating functional changes. BackstoryContinue reading “How To Save Blink Camera Recordings”

Learning Resources for Aspiring and Veteran Sales Engineers

Introduction I’ll go out on a limb and guess that talented Sales Engineers are difficult to find. That said, most good talent is hard to find. As I work to bring myself up to speed on the depths of a Sales Engineer, and the problems they solve/value they provide, I realize that the role isContinue reading “Learning Resources for Aspiring and Veteran Sales Engineers” Memory Consumption When Web Dependencies Not Available

Background Grammarly is a pretty good tool to possess for work, blogging, or writing general emails. I have found it to be that extra set of eyes to catch the obvious things in addition to those subtle nuances in writing that are easily missed. We started using Grammarly a few years ago, stopped due toContinue reading “ Memory Consumption When Web Dependencies Not Available”

Intercept and Redirect DNS Requests

Updated: 12/28/2019 Background DNS – An underlying primitive that is simple yet powerful, all for a highly functional and frictionless internet. Many of us are aware of how authoritative DNS is; that which controls DNS can control nearly all experiences. Shortly after adding Pi-Hole, a DNS based ad-blocking system, to my home network, I noticedContinue reading “Intercept and Redirect DNS Requests”